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Consigning with Coastal Classics

Perhaps you are moving, downsizing, or simply want to change the décor in your home.  Coastal Classics consigns very gently used furniture, home décor such as lamps, area rugs, room dividers, mirrors, find china, and nicely frame artwork.  All items must be clean, without stains, scratches, and in excellent repair.  Because many people have allergies to cats, we do not accept rugs or carpeting from homes with cats. 


How do I get started?

If you have items you would like to consign, please email pictures, measurements with your name, phone number and any time constraints you are working with to If you have items you can fit in your car, you are welcome to bring them to the shop during our business hours.  We will come out to your car to review the items.  Appointments are required for all furniture and large items or a large quantity of smaller items.

Do we offer pickup/delivery service?

We do not have our own trucks but we will be happy to provide some names of companies that we have used often and find to be very reliable, careful, and reasonably priced.

How long do you keep my items?

We will show your items for 3 months.  After that time, if there has been little or no interest, for items we have priced over $100 we will either call you to pick it up or we will send it to a charity.  For items priced under $100 we will simply donate them unless you specify otherwise.  There is a space on our Consignment Agreement for you to indicate how you would like us to handle this.  The consigner is ultimately responsible to pickup their remaining items.

How am I paid?

Checks are ready by the 20th of the following months in which the items was sold.  You will be paid 50% of the selling price.  We will deduct any pickup charges or repair charges. 

How are prices set? 

We price at a fair market resale value.  We consider the original cost (if known).

We do research to find what the same or similar items are currently selling for.  The price then as result of weighing these amounts with our knowledge of what the market will bare.   After a period of time, we may reduce the price by 10% to 50%.  You can be assured that we will sell the items for the most money that we can get.  This is for our benefit as well as yours.

Coastal Classic will be closing for the week of September 10 thru 17 for vacation.  We will return on Monday September 19 
see you then! 

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