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Hello Friends! What's New?!

Hope you are occupying yourself during these days of semi-quarantine with something fun.

We find that most are doing things that they have not had time or taken the time to do

previously such reading some good books, cleaning out cupboards and closets,

redecorating and so on.

As a result, we at Coastal Classics have had more calls to consign things, than we have

to sell things and we are virtually "packed to the gills". So to make more space, we are

asking people, if they are interested in something, to make an offer. We will then of course

consider that offer. Sometimes, we need to get approval from the consignor. However, if

an item has been in the shop for a period of time, we usually have the freedom to lower the price so that you can simply pay your price and take it home with you.

We have recently received some very high end and beautiful furnishing from some individuals who are redecorating, downsizing, or up sizing! Sometimes, people purchase

a home and the furnishings come with the house. Often, those furnishing do not suit

the new residents and they will call us. These are often some of the best treasures!

We hope you enjoy our website. We just had a professional website developer update the site. We now have access to Instagram, Facebook, and have new drop downs for "Just

In" and, as you obviously have seen, a "Blog" section where we can talk to each other

about just about anything really.

I will be happy to hear from you, any feedback is always welcome. And if there is something that you would like me to find for you. I can often times do that. Just leave me an email or cell number so I can reply to you. I, too, have some extra time on my hands and I really enjoy hunting for treasures.


Mary Ann

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